Requests for container houses range from cafes in downtown commercial areas to rural huts.
If the planned container house is not a temporary one, it must be in light of the Building Standards Act.

Urban Cases

Building application is required for buildings over 10 m2

Rural Cases

No building confirmation application required outside the city planning area

Our Containers Complied with Law

There are also specifications for building confirmation using JIS steel materials. Architects will handle container construction nationwide for confirmation application work.

Select and Order

There are multiple partner manufacturing plants. We will select the most suitable factory for your request and offer it at a low price.

JIS material

Manufacturing with JIS standard steel materials is available. Since JIS is a standard unique to Japan, the price will be high.

Steel Rigid Frame

A rigid frame structure that supports the structure with posts and beams, and reinforces the decrease in strength due to the addition of openings.


We can introduce architects who have a lot of experience in designing container houses.