What we can do

Stand Alone Container

We receive many inquiries about containers with a door and a window. They want to renovate a old container or to buy renovated one.

Combined Multiple Containers

Anyone can easily imagine a building that combines shipping containers like building blocks. On the other hand, it is not easy to comply with Japanese laws and regulations. We will respond to building confirmation applications nationwide with specifications that comply with Japanese laws and regulations.


jis conainer

JIS Standard Container Homes

Conteiner Homes with JIS This model can be used for various purposes such as offices and stores. We will arrange openings the wall for door and windows, reinforcing frames, and …

Factory-made Container Shops

Factory-made Container Shops

DESIGNED FOR SHOP, CAFE, GALLERY Container on Trailer is effective for short-term land utilization. Containers loaded on the trailer chassis are treated as “vehicle-based structures”. Therefore, if installed properly, it …