Container Home

Container Japan arranges various types to meet the needs of container homes. This page introduces factory-made custom containers.

JIS Steel Available

You can choice JIS standard steel materials that comply with the Building Standards Law and ISO steel materials that are inexpensive.

Skelton / Fixture

In order to reduce costs, wall openings and reinforcements for windows and doors will be installed at the manufacturing factory.

Self finishing

The insulation layer can also be installed at the factory. By setting the construction range to heat insulation, plaster board, and plaster board treatment, you can arrange important finishing parts yourself.

jis conainer

for Shop or Office

This model is for an office or store. The time-consuming wall openings, reinforcing frames, and water supply and drainage pipe openings are installed at the factory.

seaside cafe

for Lodging Buisiness

This model is intended for use as a Minpaku or hotel as well as glamping. Not only JIS steel materials that comply with the Building Standard Law, but also low-priced ISO can be selected.

Side Open Panel

The large panel becomes a deck and creates the expansion of the store. You can close the panel to secure. Combined with a trailer, you can run your store even in difficult-to-build areas.

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